Reinvest income to boost growth

Each time you reinvest your income, you increase the potential for your savings to grow over time. That’s why investments that can generate an attractive and regular income, such as multi-asset income funds, can be a powerful tool for investors looking for long-term capital growth.

Our investment calculator shows the power of compounding. Simply choose how long you want to save for, from five to 50 years, and how much you want in your savings pot at the end of this period, from EUR 50,000 and EUR 1,000,000.

By selecting different growth rates, of up to 10% per annum, you can see how much you should expect to save on a monthly basis to achieve your investment goal.

Of course, you should also take into account inflation in your savings plans. The tool therefore also shows how much your savings will be worth in real terms given a 2% annual inflation rate – this is the rate targeted by several central banks.

Start saving as early as possible

Monthly amount to save

306.61 €

To reach your target of 250.000 € in the timeframe given your expected return, you would need to save 306,61 € per month.

However, taking into account an annual inflation rate of 2%, your final amount in real terms will not be 250.000 €, but 138.018 €. You will need to save even more to achieve your target when taking inflation into account.

  • Set your financial goal

    50.000 € 500.000 € 1.000.000 €
  • What is the timeframe for reaching your goal (in years)?

    5 30 50
  • Average expected return for your investment

    0 5 10
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